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For parents drowning in plastic bins, Memby lets you confidently throw stuff away so you can have your sanity back and (yup) even better relationships too.

Wish you were that parent that can hang kid's art and homework but the overstimulation leaves your brain totally depleted? Do you hate everything about your bin system in the basement or the flash drives that are always corrupted? 

 If so, we have something on its way to let you save your memories AND your mind. 

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Memby is the best way to support the happiness and longevity of your family. 

An 85 year-long Harvard Study discovered the #1 thing that makes us live long, happy lives. It wasn't diet, exercise, or vitamins.  

It was the quality of a person's relationships. Our relationship help determined our happiness and lifespan more than anything else. This is backed further by new studies showing that language, specifically positive words, are the most important tool our bodies have for maintain the sense of connection we need to stave off loneliness (which is deadlier than smoking) and keep our bodies warm and sensing connection. Positive words written down change our body temperature to mimic human touch.  Memby is designed to create this connection on your life. 

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