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Memby is a set of software tools that help people retain what they learn in  museums. 


We believe that museums can transform opportunities and education outcomes for children around the world.  Our software is based on academic research that found certain forms of engagement before, during, and after a museum visit increase a visitor's retention of what they learned and application of those learnings in school and life. 

Industry Feedback.

"What Memby is doing is very cool and important." 

Dr. Catherine Hayden

Professor of Developmental Psychology, Loyola University, Expert on caregiver-child conversation and informal learning in museums and libraries and other informal learning settings.

Our mission.

50% of children who enter kindergarten are not ready. Once behind, many will never catch up. Our mission is to improve kindergarten readiness scores by 25%. We're driven by new research findings that indicate early child-caregiver conversation through museum visits and play may dramatically improve learning outcomes.  

What we Build.

Our software builds a knowledge network in museums, with visitors at home, and across museums, librabries, and schools around the world. It works on standard hardware you can buy anywhere, lowering the barrier to learning and making it accessible to all communities. 

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Memby is a Techstars portfolio company 

Who We Are.

Memby is a product of Floracracy, Inc., which originated as an experiential marketing company for luxury brands wanting to communicate through flowers. The team specializes in building software that helps people communicate in situations where they don't have the "scaffolded" language to share all they mean to say. What started as a way to help people talk about flowers has grown into a set of tools that help people retain all kinds of new information in museum settings. 

Getting in Touch.

Team members are available via We are currently installing our first two cohort of museums and partnering organizations. You must currently either be a children's museum or an art museum. Please reach out to inquire if you'd be a good fit, and we can share how the application process works.  
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