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The Full Story

Nathan is a product guy with a unique ability to bridge the design and development world. His academic pursuit of math and philosophy inform his focus on language-based software applications. Nathan is also a lawyer, devoting his career to helping people who have suffered from medical injuries. He's served in the Peace Corps as a teacher in Armenia. Nathan is an avid Magic the Gathering player and loves exploring new places with Essie and their 4 girls. 


Sarah-Eva is a peace theorist, women and children's education rights activist, speaker, and experienced startup founder. She developed a new theory in graduate school around language-based transformation in post-conflict countries. She founded a luxury floral company that executed campaigns with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Architectural Digest, POOSH, CAA, and more. She speaks regularly on the personal psychology of the startup journey and the psychological impact of educational access, from infancy to investor-back founder. .  

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Floracracy was part of Techstars Chicago's 2023 Spring cohort. Along with Techstars, JP Morgan is an investor in the company.  Pictured here are our founders with their four little girls and their Techstars Managing Director Neal Sales-Griffin. 



Floracracy, Inc. began as a company that used the language of flowers as a way to change how people talked to themselves and those they loved. The company was named #1 Customization Flower company and Top 100 Brands of All Time by Business Insider. It was seen in Goop, Forbes, Fast Company, and more. Its client list included  Architectural Digest, Brizo Faucets, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, POOSH, CAA Sports, Melia Resorts, Atlantic Records, and more.  While the company has retired its consumer floral business due to the growth of Memby, it still services a select few projects on a very minimal basis.   


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