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When museums are building exhibits, they want to understand how a family uses the museum, so that they can build in ways that help kids learn and grow to their best potential. 

Service Name

Memby is delivering the first system to map how guests use a museum. We're helping museums how people use their museums so that they can create experiences and content customized to the interests, age, and needs of each family. 

The Research

““We observed the 42 children grow more like their parents in stature and activity levels, in vocabulary resources, and in language and interaction styles. Despite the considerable range in vocabulary size among the children, 86 percent to 98 percent of the words recorded in each child's vocabulary consisted of words also recorded in their parents' vocabularies. By the age of 34-36 months, the children were also talking and using numbers of different words very similar to the averages of their parent.”

- "The 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3," Hart and Risley

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