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Child-Caregiver Conversations

When museums are looking to engage caregivers and help them understand basic STEM concepts being taught in exhibits, they want to give parents really simple sentences to repeat to their children, so that children's language is scaffolded with STEM and they retain more. 

Service Name

Memby offers the first method for engaging museum visitors before, during, and after a museum visit. 

Service Name

Memby's system lets museums share simple prompts before, during, and after a museum visit with caregivers so that they can talk with the child about the learning. 


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Memby provides a system that makes STEM learning more equitable at a young age, increasing learning outcomes for all children. 


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Our work is based on significant findings that show by simply scaffolding of a parent's STEM language understanding, children's learning will mirror that parent's language growth. 

The Research

“Over the past 10 years, in research in museums, developmental psychologists and museum educators have increasingly focused on children’s conversations with their caregivers that may promote early science learning. This work has been guided by sociocultural theory which emphasizes that to understand learning one must focus in detail on the process of learning. In this view, children construct new understandings in everyday conversations with their parents (and other more knowledgeable members of society), in which they are “scaffolded” to do and think things that they would not be able to do on their own....  Even partial or fragmentary explanations can serve to scaffold children’s early understanding of scientific concepts and may predict later skills” 

- Dr. Catherine Hayden, Loyola University

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