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Digital Art

When museums and libraries let kids make projects (art, legos, and more), we want to get the kids to talk about their creations, so that they retain and integrate into their lives what they learn in the museum.

Service Name

Our software turns kids' art, inventions, and more into digital story galleries. Every child is prompted to share their stories of why they created what they did, which research shows increases their retention of what they’ve learned.


Service Name

The software leverages standard hardware (screens, tablets) that you can buy from Amazon or another store, meaning you do not have to build and maintain custom hardware or software, making this accessible to all museums, libraries and more. 


Service Name

Content created in the museum can be used for the full eco-system in the software, creating engagement at home, using the kids' content to create unique traveling exhibits that can move through our network, and building custom learning modules for every child. 


Service Name

Our work is low-tech (meaning kids are making and talking, not playing with tech) and is based on research. Click below to read the specific studies. 

The Research

“Consider that many exhibits in children’s museums are designed to encourage active, hands-on engagement with concrete objects to enhance early learning. But the ultimate goal is that children will be able to use what they learn in a museum elsewhere, such as at home or school. Conversational reflections may help meet this challenge of constructing understandings of experiences that are transferable across contexts and time.”

- Dr. Catherine Hayden, Loyola University

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